libspatialindex supports building and installation using a couple of different methods. The primary method on unix-like systems is the Autotools-style build. Alternatively, a CMake-derived build system is also available for building libspatialindex as of the 1.7.0 release


First run to generate the configure scripts. By default include files and library files will be installed in /usr/local. If you would like to use a different installation directory (e.g., in case that you do not have root access) run the configure script with the –prefix option:

[hobu@fire libspatialindex]$ ./configure --prefix=/home/marioh/usr

Make the library:

[hobu@fire libspatialindex]$ make

Install the library:

[hobu@fire libspatialindex]$ make install


The CMake scenario for building libspatialindex is also quite simple.

[hobu@fire libspatialindex]$ cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/marioh/usr .
[hobu@fire libspatialindex]$ make
[hobu@fire libspatialindex]$ make install